5 big reasons why linux suc*s

1) It keeps every single installed application up-to-date, as if someone would need latest and most secure applications and kernel patches delivered in just days not weeks or months.

2)You can upgrade to next big version with a single click ( well some distros still require reinstalling so hope isn’t lost there), as if it would be better than installing next version – clean, fast and without all those files You had previously made and stuffed Documents folder full with. And the happiness of reinstalling all Your applications. All lost. And even more, it’s stuffed with all those preinstalled applications for every single task there is from office work to video making. I can find and install all what I need by myself, I have been using Windows long enough to know how to do it Myself.

3) You need to compile any virus yourself and even after that hard work it still asks Administrator password to run it. Lame. And even worse – if there is virus, they repair OS so it can’t do anything. Fail. There is this thing called Anti-virus for that? No need to repair OS for such unimportant things. You guys should learn from professionals.

4) Games made for Windows run faster than on Windows, as if speed would matter for someone. AND WHAT if games emulated in it run faster than on Windows? Who cares.

5) Worst of all – it’s available for everyone, for free and in tens of variations for everyone’s taste and feel, as if I would know how OS should feel to be good for me. In my opinion it’s way better to have standardized OS where it’s said how I should use it, not where I need to figure out how I would like to use it.

Why would anyone use such a useless OS? Sheesh…


About janiksxxl

An INTP, uncompromised one. Lazy programmer, strange writer, terrible artist and really strange person protecting its place in the world. Wanna be author of in development social interaction simulator G.A.K.U.E.N.:.Eden's last garden
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